01 November 2014

The Wanderer returns

Well, if there are any of you left out there in review land - apologies.  I had to move away from home for what turned out to be  six long months to allow some building work to take place and its all taken a lot longer than expected and been a lot more traumatic - plus I have basically been living in a whole in the ground where there was no internet signal.  And what with all that plus a demanding full time job and not being able to get online other than rushing home from work to the library once or twice a week for an hour at most, its been difficult - nay, practically impossible - to post reviews.  There has also been a marked falling off on theatre trips over the last six months, mainly because I felt I was reaching saturation point with the theatre and it was becoming much harder to whip up the enthusiasm or the creativity necessary to blog a decently entertaining review.  So, a few trips to report on over the next couple of weeks in the form of mini reviews as a catch up exercise, and then hopefully things may start returning to normal.

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